HC Series

Product information
Industrial Dehumidification

• Durable unitized body with welded aluminum construction
• Easy access panel for inspection and maintenance
• Simple ductwork connections
• Compact, low profile design
Product Description

Munters HC series are off-the-shelf desiccant dehumidifiers that combine state-of-the-art desiccant technology with dependability and long operating life for humidity control at virtually any temperature. Munters HC series industrial dehumidifier units are often used to maintain low humidity levels in environmental chambers and medium humidity levels in warehouses.
The small size and weight of the HC series makes them easy to install. The unit casing is manufactured of fully welded, strain hardened aluminum to ensure zero air leakage. Control is accomplished via a printed circuit board that is located behind an access panel for simple inspection and maintenance. Metal mesh filters are provided as standard on all HC units.

Munters HC series units are available in nominal flow rates of 75 to 300 CFM and are ETL certified.
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