FAQ Frequently Asked Questions GLASdek®

 What are the standard sizes for GLASdek®?
 Depth – 4”, 6”, 8” 12” 24”
 Width – 12”
 Height – 12”, 24”, 36”, 48”, 60” 72”
 Ref:  EB-PD-0304

 Why should you buy GLASdek®?
Munters GLASdek® is manufactured from a specially engineered, flame retardant material, making it the media choice where strict adherence to fire codes is required – Fire Rated UL®900, Class II.  Media is self cleaning for long life,  durable, time tested, and manufactured and backed by Munters, the inventor and developer of GLASdek® and the technology leader in evaporative cooling and humidification media.  Ref:  MB-GDB-0412

 What is the warranty on GLASdek®?
The manufacturer shall warrant that the media shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year commencing from the date of shipment.  This warranty is provided that the media is installed and maintained according to the manufacturers’ written instructions and details contained in the Engineering Bulletins.
Ref:  EB-GS-0810, EB-OPI-0205

 What is the life of GLASdek®? 
The average design life span is 3 to 5 years when maintained according to the manufacturers recommendations and used during a typical cooling season of 5 to 6 months per year.  Ref:  EB-GS-0810, EB-OPI-0205

 What is TUF-edg®?
Munters TUF-edg® is a tough and resilient edge treatment applied to the air entering face of a GLASdek® pad. It has been formulated to withstand repeated cleaning without damaging the pad.  TUF-edg® is nonporous and quick drying. It prevents algae and minerals from anchoring themselves into the substrate of the pad so they slough off when dried and also protects GLASdek® pads from the damaging effects of severe weather and long term exposure to UV light.  Munters TUF-edg ®protective edge coating extends the life of the pad over that of non-treated pads.  Ref:  MB-GDB-0412

 What is the operating weight of GLASdek®?
 9 lbs per cubic foot

 Can vinegar be used to sanitize my system?
Vinegar is organic and will most likely cause algae and bacteria to grow on the pads. 
Vinegar may also make the PH too low.

 What kind of chemical should I use on my Munters pads?
We don’t recommend the use of any chemicals on our pads.  Following the guidelines in our “Cooling Pad Checklist” should help to control most problems.  If you still have problems, you may consider using an Ammonium Chloride based product like EVAP100, Greenshield, Sani-Clean, or Bearcat.  DO NOT USE CHLORINE, BROMINE, CLOROX, OR PRODUCTS BASED ON ONE OF THESE CHEMICALS.  Ref:  EB-CHEMLIST-0504

 What is the recommended air velocity, FPM for GLASdek®?
 Recommendation is not to exceed 700 FPM.  Ref:  EB-CE6560-702

 When do Evaporative Cooling Pads need to be replaced?
This is a common question and yet there is no simple answer. GLASdek® is actually more like wet filters because they filter dust and soluble gasses from the air.  With the water running over the cross corrugated channels makes the GLASdek® self cleaning.  It typically lasts much longer than air filters, but eventually, will need to be replaced. It is important to learn to predict and plan replacement in advance so that it can be scheduled at a convenient time. 
Ref:  EB-CPR-0311

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