Munter offers a wide range of portable heaters for various areas, applications and industries.

Our space heatersare widely used within the construction industry, heating of factories and for various events. The products are divided into three categories: portable-, movable- and stationary- heaters. SIAL is an European leader of producing various spot heaters aquired by Munters.

Munters portable heaters run with different energy sources, such as; electricity, oil, diesel and gas. The diesel heaters are easy to fuel and maintain and the oil heater has got an integrated tank which makes the product easy to relocate. The gas heaters are available in natural gas or propane gas. Munters can also proudly present a environmentaly friendly range of heaters, fueled with natural gas.

 The exhaust direction from our space heaters are direct or indirect. The exhaust from the direct heater is mixed with the airflow. The indirect heater has got an exhaust pipe to separate the exhaust from the airflow. Munters offers a range of space heaters to achieve a good climate. The technolony of the IR-heater is that they can accomplish an evenly spread heat. This technology allows to heat specific areas without unnecessary heat dispersion. This makes the IR range economical and efficient.

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Accessorries like thermostat for better room temperature control, 4 way head for a better distribution of hot air, are available as optional features.
Diesel/Kerosene direct-fired heater.
Diesel/Kerosene indirect-fired heater
Mobile Indirected-Fired, Diesel, Kerosene, NG or LP heater 
Portable direct fired gas heater
Mobile and hanging indirect fired diesel heater
Mobile direct fired diesel heater
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